I was pregnant with my first baby when I decided to seek Chiropractic care with Dr. Jodi. I did not have any major pain but wanted to give my baby the best opportunity for optimal positioning prior to labor. My goal was a medication free natural birth. I went into labor at 2:45 am and labored at home for most of the time. I arrived at the Holistic Birth Center at St. John Westshore at about 3:45 pm and my daughter was born a few hours later at 7:13 pm. As soon as the birthing tub was ready I got in the tub and labored and delivered the baby in the water. My labor lasted about 16 hours. I was very happy to have a natural and medication free birth in the water. I’m very glad I continued with the adjustments and the exercises that Dr. Jodi recommended, as the birth outcome was very positive! I was very satisfied with the care I received at Ramsey Chiropractic. 

-Mary K (Streetsboro, Ohio)

Track Meet

Hi Dr. Ramsey, I just thought I would let you know how everyone did at the state meet this weekend. It was a blast! Well your final adjustments worked again!! Ryan Blew away his PR and finished with a 16:19 for his time!!!! He was amazed!!! We all were. He wound up finishing 27 th over all. Last year he finished 57 th. So he moved up 30 spots from last year and from just last week he dropped 30 seconds off his time!! He gives you a lot of the credit with out those adjustments it never would have happened and a little credit to the bowls of noodles I make for him to eat the morning of the race! ha ha! Well the best part for him was at school they a have the leader board for all time best records so he is now proudly 4th on the list. 
– Julie K. (Independence, Ohio)

Tension Headaches

I have been suffering with tension headaches for a year and a half after a spectacular water tubing dismount that sent me head first into Lake Erie. I ignored excruciating headaches for about 2 months before seeking help. First I tried muscle relaxers, then physical therapy. My PT helped get the headaches to a manageable level, but never quite gone. After another 8 months of on and off pain, I finally decided to try a chiropractor. Dr. Ault explained how and why chiropractic care would help me, and has been 100% right about everything she promised. Over the last four months I have gone from having 3 day long headaches to maybe 1 every other week. The doctors and staff here have been fantastic and very understanding of my sometimes hectic schedule. The doctors are happy to work with my other doctors as needed and has gone out of her way to give me the best care and information she can. I would recommend her to anyone and happily give a glowing recommendati

– Amanda D. (Seven Hills, Ohio)

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Before I met Dr. Jennifer Ramsey, I had sever neck and shoulder pain. The hospital said I had a “pinched nerve.” I was unable to open my water bottle or turn the ignition to start my car. I could only drive short distances before the pain became unbearable. Then I would pull over and rest (and cry). Dr. Ramsey explained that I had arthritis in my neck!!! AND she explained every adjustment thereafter. I love that! I always have a lot of questions and she always has answers. Today I can turn my head completely to the right and left – NO PAIN – Dr. Ramsey also helps me with my sinus, migraine, knee, and anything that comes up!I earn a living as a caregiver. When I have regular adjustments I know I am taking good care of myself too.


I give thanks to the Lord for guiding me your way. Dr. Ramsey you are a skilled chiropractor and a genuine caring, sharing person.

– Cynthia T. (Maple Heights, Ohio)

Headaches & TMJ

In October of 2009, I attended a free seminar at the Independence community center on headaches. After a 30 year struggle with various treatments, any offer of relief from the pain of a headache a serious proposal. Initially, I was treated for TMJ which helped but did not offer a cure. Over the years, I have had MRI’s, CAT scans and more recently a sleep study to determine the source of my problem. Treatment for sleep apnea did alleviate some symptoms, but a minor nagging headache continued on and off 3-4 days each week, typically in the late afternoon or evening. The cycle continued including a debilitating migraine every 5-7 weeks which required medication bed rest as the only source of relief.

At that October seminar, I realized the only option presented that I had not tried was chiropractic treatment. I made an appointment that week with Dr. Ault, who offered a thorough explanation of the various tests used to evaluate each patient’s condition. Dr. Ault met with me the following week to review the results in detail and offer a course of treatment. Within the first few weeks, I experienced a reduced frequency and severity of headaches. After the first two months, Dr. Ault began working with me on an exercise plan to strengthen my problem areas and also to help me lose weight. She was supportive, patient and always inquired if I had questions about the treatment. Dr. Ault was thorough and sincere. Following each exam I reflected that she was never in a rush to see the next patient.

I am happy to say that I have been virtually headache free for months. In seven months, my posture has improved and I have lost 10 pounds, while gaining considerable strength due to the exercise program laid out in my treatment plan. I would recommend Dr. Ault to those suffering from headaches or back problems. I hope this field of medicine becomes a routine option for those seeking relief from headaches. Chiropractic treatment incorporates a plan for the whole body as a system rather than treating a single symptom. In addition, the chiropractic doctor practices the art of helping the body to heal itself rather than the alternative of writing a prescription to dull the pain. 

– Cathryn K. (Independence, Ohio)

Back Pain

I have been a patient at Ramsey Family Chiropractic Center since November of 2010. I had been experiencing back pain and more frequent spasms, wasn’t able to bend at the waist to pick up anything off the floor, and could not do housework for more than a couple of hours without terrible pain. The final straw was a business trip to Detroit, where after 3.5 hours of driving, I could not walk without my right leg going out from under me. Scared and in pain, I finally made an appointment to see a chiropractor based on a recommendation from my best friend who had been treated by Dr. Ramsey for years and had great results

After testing, I was told I had a severely degenerated disc in my lower back and some degeneration also started in my upper back. I began a program consisting of three chiropractic appointments per week. The doctors also taught me about the importance of drinking enough water, putting cold packs on my back vs. hot packs, exercising to help strengthen my back, lowering stress levels, and the value of supplements. 

Dr. Ramsey and Dr. Ault worked their magic on me, and slowly but steadily I started to make progress. I am at a point now where I know the right things to do to take care of my back, and I’m on a maintenance program where I have monthly appointments to get adjusted. I actually look forward to my appointments because I know I will feel better afterwards. I am very grateful to the wonderful doctors at Ramsey Chiropractic for their expertise, compassionate care, and effective treatment. They are truly gifted, and I would not be functioning as well as I am today without them. I feel very blessed.

– Gundela H. (Independence,Ohio)


-I orginally came into see Dr. Ault because I had continuous shoulder/back pain and headaches. I really thought my problems were just due to stress. After a brief consult at my employers wellness fair I made an appointment. It was the best thing I ever did. I feel great and love coming to see Dr. Ault. My headaches and shoulder/back pain are nearly gone. I have been recommending that everyone should see a Chiropractor. Thank you so much!!

-Josephine V. (Solon, Ohio)

Previous Low Back Surgery

-In 1999, I had surgery for a herniated disc and sciatic nerve pain. The surgery was successful up until a couple years ago when I began feeling back pain again. I tried physical therapy for 4 months, but felt little relief. I decided to check out a chiropractor and someone recommended Dr. Ramsey to me.

Now, being that I’ve experienced serious back pain in my life, I was emotionally distraught about having to deal with my back suffering again. Over the years, I’ve encountered numerous doctors about my back who’ve cared about my physical well-being. Yet, there have been no doctors who have shown as much compassion to me as Dr. Ramsey and Dr. Ault. When I come in for an adjustment, it is evident in their eyes and their remarks that they truly care about who I am as a person and what is happening to me–beyond just my physical health. I can shed tears in front of them and feel safe. They show joy and encouragement when I’ve improved.

The progress I’ve made this past year and a half is remarkable. I am living pain free. The fact that I can bend over and put on my socks without being in pain reminds me of the times that I’ve taken for granted, and now can do with ease. I have been disheartened about my back, and prayed to God for healing. I believe that seeing Dr. Ramsey and Dr. Ault havebeen the answer to these prayers.

I commend them for not only caring for my physical well-being of others, but also for giving people hope. They have continually instilled in me a sense of hope, which many times, has helped me get to the next moment.

– Heather S. ( Broadview Heights, Ohio)

Neck and Back Pain

-I began my treatment with Dr. Ramsey a few years ago. The injuries which I sustained to my lower back, shoulder and neck were both sports and work related. Though a combination of Dr. Ramsey’s treatment, diet and an exercise program, my mobility has increased to almost normal. Now, I am able to keep up with my three young grandchildren.

– David G. (Seven Hills, Ohio)

-I started coming to Ramsey Chiropractic in July 2010, beacause I was having problems with my neck and upper back- I had trouble turning my head from side to side and my back always ached. From my first visit I was impressed with Dr. Ault, she was very thorough and asked lots of questions.

On my second visit she took the time needed to go over my x-rays and show me my problem areas (including one I didn’t mention because it wasn’t bothering me that day) and I had my first adjustment. Immediately I was amazed at how much better my neck felt, I could turn my head without pain! Over time my upper and lower back started feeling better too!

Most importantly, both Dr. Ault and Dr. Ramsey have always taken the time to ask me how I’m doing and listen to my answers-no matter how busy they are. I’m truly amazed at how much they both care about their patients. They even helped my recovery progress when I tore my hamstring- now that is full service care!

The entire staff at Ramsey Chiropractic is great, I’m grateful for all of them.

– Darla K. (Independence, Ohio)

Foot Pain

– As a busy mother of four sons and an avid crafter, I never allowed myself the time to be sick or get hurt. If I did I usually took a pill and soldiered on. Being on my feet for much of the day chasing sons then grandchildren around and walking for miles to craft fairs and cafeteria work took a toll on my feet. I went to a medical doctor who treated the problem but not the cause of the whole person.

I took a cue from myhusband who had been going to the clinic for about a year. Drs. Ault and Ramsey took time to listen and worked on all of me, head to toe. Manipulation, exercises, Graston techniques, taping, advice on footwear and stress relief made me aware of the need to heal my whole self. I am now down to one day a week and am more in-tune with myself. I will continue with my exercises, visits and vitamin regimen to insure many more healthy and happy years.

– Jeanne S. (Garfield Heights, Ohio)