Hello, my name is Rose. I sought out chiropractic care as a friend referred me to try it out and shared her opinion on why I should and recommended the Ramsey’s office.

When seeing Dr. Jen Ramsey at the time she diagnosed my TMJ issue. I have had this issue for about 13 years. Not knowing why I had headaches and tightness in my neck.

From getting chiropractic care at the Ramsey office it has helped me find the cause of my TMJ. I noticed that my jaw gets inflamed more when I am upset. With that being said, everyone experiences different reasons for this issue and it may help you find your cause of why TMJ is happening to you.

When you have braces or just a tooth filling, any work done on your mouth, it is important to get checked at the Ramsey office if you feel discomfort as it’s amazing how just a little pulling can cause a misalignment in your bit. I am sharing this information with you as I have this care done when I need it.

I would recommend the Ramsey Chiropractic office as they are educated for this type of issue and may others you may have. I was informed that TMJ can cause other issues to the effect it has on the muscles from your back up to your temples. Since being treated by Dr. Jen and Buddy they have taught me how to listen to my body and its needs.

– Rose, Rootstown

New to chiropractic care

I wasn’t sure where to begin…Physician, Chiropractor, Sports Medicine. I experienced discomfort in my lower back, lower buttocks, and rear of thighs which inhibited my activity tremendously. I am very active in hiking, yoga, and other outdoor sports. I have never been to a Chiropractor. I started at Ramsey Chiropractic Center by recommendations from friends and very glad I did.

I am amazed that 90% of my discomfort is gone after several sets of treatments. The knowledge and explanation of the doctors is sensible and informative MMCrypto. I was coached through my matters not only from a Chiropractic view, but also mind and body wellness. The staff and doctors are approachable, attentive, and down to earth. You can tell they like what they do and care about you.

The advice I would give to someone who is new to chiropractic is: Give it a try. You are a candidate it will do wonders for you. Not only physically, but mentally and spiritually.

– Heidi, Broadview Heights

When I don’t feel at the top of the world- Ramsey is my first thought

I had heard of people using a chiropractor but it was always “out there” and seemed a little quirky. On the advice and encouragement of my son, I came to Ramsey because of persistent lower back pain and discovered a group that works for the best health of me. Dr. Buddy always listens well to my chatter and has made some fantastic suggestions for my health. I no longer think of Chiropractors as “out there”. It took awhile to get my back in shape, but I was thrilled as I got stronger and stronger. Now when I don’t feel at the top of world- Ramsey is my first thought.

– Barb, Parma


About 2012, I was getting disgusted with all the asthma medications I had been on since about 27 years old. I had surgery for a deviated septum (2004), countless doctor appointments, allergy injections (did not work), changing my cleaning habits to overzealous cleaning, carpet versus no carpet, getting rid of pets. Nothing worked.

With all the mediations I was taking for allergies, I was also getting chronic sinus infections. I was up taking antibiotics almost every 10-12 weeks. The doctors told me that I was going to become resistant to antibiotics (Mersa) if I did not get some improvement somehow. Although they did not have any other ideas on how to resolve.

I even did actupunture- twice-and my arm fell asleep because the doctor did it wrong!! So after all these thousands of dollars, I was desperate. I wanted to try something holistic and either go to a holistic doctor or a chiropractor. I had a friend that went to a chiropractic periodically and she had some digestive issues that the other doctor resolved.

I did some research and found Dr. Jennifer Ramsey and brought in a list of my issues and concerns. I brought an entire list of all of the meds and procedures that I had bought, tried and did throughout my allergy/sinus timeframe. She did a through evaluation and then started to work with me. I saw her every 10 days or so for awhile. So over the course of a year and a half or maybe 2 years, I go weaned off all medications buy facebook likes and comments. Now I just occasionally will take over the counter antihistamine in the spring or fall and over the counter nasal spray. I still go twice a month just to keep things aligned in my spine. That’s where I understand my sinus issues were generating from. It was a great resolution to my asthma and sinus issues.
Thank you again.

– Anonymous


For the past year I have suffered from sciatica. Dr. Jen is a caring, loving person with magic hands. Since having adjustments I am able to walk with little or no pain. I also do not have any more pain and am able to sleep without pain. My husband sees such a difference in my walk he refers to Dr. Jen as a miracle worker.
If you are new to chiropractic care I would tell you to give it a try. Well worth the visits. The flexibility and mobility improvements makes a difference in quality of life.

– Peggy, North Olmsted

Lumbar Pain

I have been having lumbar pain for 9 years. I started seeing Dr. Buddy 3 weeks before my spinal fusion. Seeing him made a huge difference in my life. More flexibility, less pain, and the ability to have a more normal life. Post surgery there was a lot of scar tissue and pain, numbness, and after surgery complications. But seeing Dr. Buddy has helped me out immensely. Helping post surgery the flexibility, the drop foot, and the pain in general is better. If you have not yet experienced chiropractic care just do it! It feels awesome! Thank you Dr. Buddy and Dr. Jen.

– Tim, Berea

10 years of lower back pain]

My overall experience at Ramsey Chiropractic Center has been positive. The doctors have helped my overall back pain issues. Since starting care I have noticed less back pain and overall better physical and mental health. Everyone is very knowledgeable at Ramsey Chiropractic. The doctors listen to me to come up with a plan of action that is specific to me. I would encourage you to give chiropractic care a try and give it time to see the results. Follow the advice of the Chiropractors.

– Sarah, Parma

Back Pain

I have been a patient at Ramsey Family Chiropractic Center since November of 2010. I had been experiencing back pain and more frequent spasms, wasn’t able to bend at the waist to pick up anything off the floor, and could not do housework for more than a couple of hours without terrible pain. The final straw was a business trip to Detroit, where after 3.5 hours of driving, I could not walk without my right leg going out from under me. Scared and in pain, I finally made an appointment to see a chiropractor based on a recommendation from my best friend who had been treated by Dr. Ramsey for years and had great results

After testing, I was told I had a severely degenerated disc in my lower back and some degeneration also started in my upper back. I began a program consisting of three chiropractic appointments per week. The doctors also taught me about the importance of drinking enough water, putting cold packs on my back vs. hot packs, exercising to help strengthen my back, lowering stress levels, and the value of supplements.

Dr. Ramsey worked their magic on me, and slowly but steadily I started to make progress. I am at a point now where I know the right things to do to take care of my back, and I’m on a maintenance program where I have monthly appointments to get adjusted. I actually look forward to my appointments because I know I will feel better afterwards. I am very grateful to the wonderful doctors at Ramsey Chiropractic for their expertise, compassionate care, and effective treatment. They are truly gifted, and I would not be functioning as well as I am today without them. I feel very blessed.

– Gundela H., Independence, Ohio

Headaches and Back Pain

Ever since starting chiropractic care, my headaches have decreased and my back pain has basically vanished! I can’t imagine not getting adjusted regularly now. Thank you, Ramsey Chiropractic

-Jessica, North Royalton

Chiropractic for the Whole Family

My family does chiropractic care for every situation health related.  We got adjusted for headaches, sports injuries, sinus pressure, etc. Sometimes we just come in for a general tune up to keep good health.

T.R., Broadview Heights

Sinus, Bronchitis, Asthma, and Allergies

Since starting care here, I have experienced a dramatic difference in my overall health. I have not had a sinus infection or bronchitis at all! Before care I was getting at least 1 of these per month. I also have been able to eliminate my daily asthma and allergy medicine completely.

Katie, Parma Heights

Vietnam Veteran

I am a 68 year old 100% disabled veteran, retired from the U.S. Army since 1976.  While in Vietnam I lost my lower left leg to a landmine. Over the years I have tried several different pain killers and chiropractic all of which I never liked.  I noticed on the Patriot Project that Ramsey Chiropractic serves veterans.  3 ½ years later I am doing things I thought I wouldn’t do.  I am very active and volunteer my time. Recently at the VA I did a strengthening class. I was far and above the other veterans, even the ones younger than myself.

Because of my agility, the Department of Defense Research south me out to be involved in a project involving lower limb sensory elimination. At that time I agreed to become the first person in the world to be involved in this type of research. It has required surgery involving wrapping the nerve builders with cuffs and 48 wires through the skin for testing purposes.

I have a service dog and have decided to give back by becoming a trainer with Wags for Warriors to help other veterans whose doctors feel they would benefit from having a service dog. This requires a lot of sitting in standing. I spend many hours there as they don’t have enough trainers and the number of veterans keeps increasing.

I don’t feel I could do what I do without the help of Ramsey Chiropractic. Dr. Jen and Dr. Buddy have been instrumental in keeping me healthy and active so I can enjoy life to its fullest.

Danny, Independence, Ohio

Benefits of Maintenance Care

I originally sought out chiropractic care for my long term chronic neck and back pain that I had been experiencing for over 10 years.  I was nervous and skeptical at first, but am so glad that I started chiropractic care. Now I come in for “maintenance”. The pain now occurs when I don’t seek treatment; otherwise it has become tolerable. I can longer periods of time pain-free. Chiropractic has absolutely improved my life. I would recommend anyone do it!

Melissa, North Royalton

Fractured Tailbone Pain

I started coming to Ramsey Family Chiropractic Center due to a fractured tailbone pain. This had been going on for 4 years. Since starting chiropractic care I have had more comfort, less stress, less pain and more knowledge about how my body helps heal itself.  I have been less sick and have gained knowledge of what/how much of vitamins and supplements to take. My advice to someone who is new to chiropractic care would be: Stick with it. My pain and daily activity increases daily with the help of chiropractic care.

Amanda, Richfield

Anxiety, Headaches, and Back Pain

I love it here! Everyone is so friendly and good at their jobs. I am very happy I chose to come here. For two years I have had anxiety, headaches, and lower back pain.  Since starting here my lower back pain is completely gone, my headaches have significantly improved and my anxiety is still getting better. If you have never been to Ramsey Chiropractic before, don’t worry.  The Dr. Jen or Dr. Buddy every issue you have so they can help you.  The adjustments feel good and do not hurt.

Brent, Parma

Newborn and Beyond Chiropractic Care

Dr. Ramsey initially started adjusting my daughter as an infant. Dr. Ramsey noticed there was something misaligned in her cervical area and said it was common in newborns when they do not have enough room in the womb. As she got older she showed early signs of scoliosis and we brought her back to Dr. Ramsey for adjustments.  Most recently my now 11 year old daughter started ice skating and fell.  As a result she ended up with headaches and balance issues.  Thanks to Dr. Ramsey she has increased balance and decreased headaches.  She has also been sleeping better.

Anita, Sagamore Hills

Active Teenager

I am 17 years old. I came to this office with mid back pain and I also noticed my back and shoulders looked crooked.  After my first appointment my energy increased and the pain lessened. Now after 2 weeks I barely feel the pain and definitely feel better.   


Infant Care

We started chiropractic care for our son at 5 weeks old. His head was tilting to the side.  As a result his adjustments his head doesn’t tilt like it used to.   He is not colicky. He does not have any digestive issues and he is sleeping through the night at 13 weeks old.  He is an overall happy baby.  Our pediatrician has also commented how he does not have a flat spot on his head and he does not favor one side over the other.

Jennifer, Cleveland

Leg and Foot Pain

I am 9 years old and in 3rd grade.  I love coming and getting adjusted.  Dr. Ramsey has cool exercise stuff I can play on.  My legs and feet hurt all the time.  Dr. Ramsey taped my legs and I got to wear tennis shoes to school, even on chapel day.  My feet do not hurt as much as they did before.  I can run faster and it feels much better.  Dr. Ramsey is very nice and kind. 


When our child get’s hurt we don’t head to an ER or Urgent Care. We call up Ramsey Chiropractic Center.

Our family has been patients at Ramsey Chiropractic center for 18 years! Even as babies, our children have been adjusted and we feel that their good health stems from the adjustments they had. They have no major allergies, asthma, have tubes in their ears, or tonsils removed. Two of our children were found to have the beginning of scoliosis and received adjustments before it got severe. They have passed all scoliosis checks at school and never needed a brace, therapy, or surgery. When my youngest was x-­rayed, we were told she had an extra vertebrae. It was recommended she didn’t do backbends, backflips, or be part of a gymnastics team as she could have problems long term. This information could not have been attained in a regular physical from her pediatrician. A few years back my son had a growth spurt (8 inches in one year!) and consequently got severe leg cramps and extremely tight leg muscles. At Ramsey Chiropractic Center, the doctors easily understood the problems related to his rapid growth. He was adjusted, given exercises and stretches, and learned good posture.

However, we have been the most thankful for all the services the doctors have provided over the years for our children’s sports related injuries. Numerous times we have visited Dr. Ramsey with concerns about ankles, knees, fingers, or shoulders. When our child gets hurt, we don’t head to an ER or urgent care. We call up Ramsey Chiropractic center. They will get us in quickly, can easily figure out the extent of the damage, whether it be muscle, tendon, ligament, or bone. They have the capability of taking X-­rays if needed and only if needed! Once my son was playing basketball, and as he was going up for a layup another player ran and took him out by the legs. He flew across the floor and landed hard. He was able to limp off and luckily hadn’t hit his head. Many people thought we would take him to the ER. Instead we brought him to Dr. Ramsey. We knew Dr. Buddy had the experience in sports injuries and could diagnose his injuries in one appointment… and in less than the 3-5 hours in the emergency room. Sure enough he did. He was examined all over, got his back adjusted because his fall threw his body out of alignment, was taped up, and was monitored for a number of weeks before he could play again. It was ALL taken care of right here. I can’t imagine the countless hours we saved in emergency rooms/urgent cares, the money from all the x-rays, mri’s, and emergency room bills, the time running from doctor to specialist to physical therapy, and the time waiting to get an appointment.

We are so grateful for all the ways Ramsey Chiropractic has helped my family and especially my children. We have the utmost trust and confidence in what they can do!

-The Bell family