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Have you or your family suffered with Depression, Anxiety, Brain Fogg, Dementia, or Alzheimer’s?

If so, you are not alone. Americans are increasingly suffering from these brain related symptoms. Currently 3-9% of our population suffers from Depression, approximately 18% suffers from Anxiety and this is rising in our younger populations. Alzheimer’s and Dementia affect 4% of the population and the affected care givers are about 6% of the population and these numbers are rising.

Brain health is becoming a higher and higher priority to my patients. So, I wanted to shed some light on brain health.

We have all heard that “diet and exercise” are key to staying healthy and enjoying longevity. This is always true, but it is not the only things you can do. And then there is the question of “which diet?” and “which exercise?”


Staying active & getting exercise. (156-312 days/year aka 3-6 x weekly)

Eating single ingredient whole foods. (365 days per year)

Getting regular Chiropractic adjustments (12-52 times per year)

Eating Omega3 Fatty acids ( 365 times per year)


1. Staying active:

  • Keeps blood sugar within healthy range
  • Keeps muscles stronger and flexible, more able to adapt to any sudden changes
  • Decreases falls
  • Keeps weight under control, improves posture
  • Increases blood any oxygen to your brain
  • Decreases depression by increasing happy hormones and neurotransmitters
  • Your chiropractor can find the right form of exercise for your lifestyle

2. Eating whole foods:

  • Has more available nutrients
  • Better nutrition = fewer calories
  • Keeps gut, skin, liver and kidney healthy
  • Fewer preservatives, bad fats, food dyes, and artificial sugars
  • Decreases risk of diabetes

3. Getting Chiropractic adjustments regularly:

  • Adjustments help your body adapt effectively to your environment
  • Decreases pain, so you can move better and have less stress
  • Helps you think faster (prefrontal cortex), improves organizational skills, and personality
  • Makes you stronger, 1 adjustment is as beneficial as 3 weeks of strength training
  • Improves your balance, decreases stumbles or falls (proprioception)
  • Improves brain- body connection

4. Eating more Omega 3 Fatty acids:

  • Protects your nerves
  • Easy to consume ( eggs, seeds, nuts, fish or supplements)
  • Helps make “happy” hormones
  • Decreases brain swelling
  • Improves memory
  • Improve heart health that can improve blood to the brain
  • Healthier skin, hair and nails
  • Prevents diabetes, inflammation, and arthritis

At your next chiropractic checkup ask how you can improve your brain’s current and future health.

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