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1)David is a 10 year old boy with size 10 feet.  The strength in his feet could not keep up with the fast growth of his feet.  He was having medial foot collapse (PTTD) that was resulting in foot pain, shin pain and knee pain.  He noticed it most in his football cleats.  Dr. Buddy put him in   Tri-Loc braces.  He was able to wear them in his football cleats and his basketball shoes.  It was decided to use Tri-Loc braces instead of orthotics due to the expected foot growth on this young man.    The family was pleased because the braces will adapt to his foot growth and cost significantly less than orthotics. The athlete liked the Tri-Locs because he could play without pain in his feet, knees and shins, and keep playing multiple seasons.  The doctor was pleased because the brace supported good lower extremity posture and could be  used while he was performing foot strengthening exercises and would support his adjustments.


2) Theresa is a widow in her late 80’s.  She has spinal stenosis and would not have surgery 10 years ago. Now, she is no longer a surgical candidate.  She tried numerous back braces and chiropractic adjustments were the only thing that gave her any relief.  When Dr. Buddy introduced her to the Back-Jack she had immediate relief and her “get-up-and-go” test was much improved, due to the segmental traction that the Back-Jack provided.  She can go two weeks between adjustments without pain and significant increase in her function.  She is thrilled that she is going to be able to continue taking care of herself at home for many more years.


3)Danny is a high school senior having a great rugby season as a key player.  He sustained a 2’ acromio-clavicular sprain that would end his season if his shoulder is not supported.  Due to the nature of rugby it was imperative that he have supportive brace that would protect him and the opponent when he played.  Dr. Ramsey custom designed just such a brace for him.  In the REPS seminar you will learn how to fashion the same brace, while keeping costs for the patient down and without a huge commitment of your time.  He is still playing on the front line and in position to win the state championship for his senior year.


4)Tim owns his own company and decided to start taking care of himself at 50 years old.  He hired a personal trainer and started eating whole foods in addition to his chiropractic care.  He was losing weight and gaining strength until his knee pain became so severe that that it was limiting his exercise.  The orthopedic surgeon recommended a total knee replacement.    Due to his work schedule he could not take the time off to have surgery.  He was fitted by Dr. Ramsey for a Gladiator knee brace.  He has gotten 3 ½ more years with his original knee due to the support.  He has increased his strength training and has lost more weight while continuing his chiropractic care.  He can wear his Gladiator daily for about 14 months until he needs a new one.  He happily trains with the Bio-Skin Gladiator because he does not get too warm nor skin irritations and it washes easily.  His knee surgery is still not scheduled because he is happy with the support from the knee brace.  His nephew will soon be trained to run the company so he can take some time off if he wants to.  While training with the Gladiator he is noticeably stronger than he was 5 years ago. 

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